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Volunteering for Veterans Project

The project was set up by Birmingham Museums Trust to support former members of the local Armed Forces community. As part of the project local armed forces veterans volunteered to clean and research the motorbike collection and they also restored one motorbike, a 1914 Cyclone, which is now on display at Thinktank. Read the full story on the Latest News.
Wayne%20thompson%2c%20tim%20seeley%20%26%20david%20brooks%20with%201914%20cyclone%20at%20thinktank photo%20credit%20emma%20trimble
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Motorbike Conservation Gets Veterans On The Road to Recovery

A new health and wellbeing project for ex-servicemen and women at Birmingham Museums has helped four local veterans get back on the road to recovery by conserving vintage motorbikes from the city’s...

The Carbon Footprint of Thank You Emails

Kindness costs nothing, or at least, that is what I first thought. Last month, I discovered that sending unnecessary emails, even out of politeness, is costing the planet much more than we may r...
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