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  1. There is a vertical neon light in four parts. The words in the lights read We Must Not Be Extreme.

    We Must Not Be Extreme

    17 August 2023
  2. An abstract surrealist painting.

    Birmingham’s Sites of Surrealism

    26 July 2023
  3. Snap Project: Birmingham queer women 1977-99

    26 June 2023
  4. Vanley Burke stands in front of an image from one of his photographs that has been blown up to be very large in size.

    Vanley Burke: ‘Rivers of Birminam’

    30 May 2023
  5. A busy gallery space with a lot of people gathered in small groups chatting.

    Late night art shows at Digbeth First Friday

    6 April 2023
  6. Twiggy: Birmingham LGBTQ+ icon

    22 February 2023
  7. Edward Burne-Jones and The Legend of the Briar Rose

    13 January 2023
  8. Poet Casey Bailey is sitting on a chair at Sarehole Mill. He is viewed through the dark wood and shadows from inside the Mill, making him look as if he is in a frame. Behind him is a white wall and light coming in through a window.

    A Spark That Fires the Engine

    2 January 2023
  9. A black and white image showing a large number of picketers and policemen.

    The Battle of Saltley Gate

    18 December 2022
  10. Three women and a man wearing scout uniforms are walking together and talking. They are surrounded by trees.

    The 304th Birmingham MAB Scouts

    1 December 2022
  11. Two of the portraits of young British Asian women from Modern Muse.

    Modern Muse - Sisters of inspiration

    23 November 2022
  12. A young woman is looking at her phone, and further back there is a woman who appears to be standing and waiting. In between them are the blurred figures of people walking in the busy area of the Bullring.

    Street Photography - Brum Stories

    18 November 2022