Benny's Babbies

Who's Who?

Download the Benny's Babbies Key (pdf) to unlock the secret of who is who in Cold War Steve's joyous celebration of his city Birmingham.

This artwork shows an old image of Birmingham with a church and houses, which has been updated with modern buildings and signs. The collage is filled with over 100 famous people who come from Birmingham.

Buy the Benny's Babbies Poster and Jigsaw

You can only buy the Benny's Babbies poster from us, and Cold War Steve has very generously agreed that all profits from the sale of the poster go Birmingham Museums Trust. This large A2 size poster is printed with a white border that frames the design.

We also stock the Benny's Babbies 1000 piece jigsaw.

A jigsaw box for the 1000 piece jigsaw Benny's Babbies by Cold War Steve.

Meet Cold War Steve aka Christopher Spencer

Read an interview with Cold War Steve on our online shop - and discover what other Cold War Steve goodies we have in store!

The artist Cold War Steve is standing in a gallery next to his artwork Benny's Babbies, which is hanging on the wall behind him.