Find out more about sustainable fashion and the climate crisis.

This resource aims to support teachers by providing accessible information alongside activities promoting discussion and critical thinking to support the young people of today as they begin to make choices about the clothes they wear.

The resource is for teachers of Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 National Curriculum in England.

What is in the resource?

There are eight lesson plans and related activities which allow teachers to tailor a learning journey suitable for their group.

Lesson plan sections and overview

  1. What’s on a label?
    Data collection, locational knowledge.
  2. What’s behind the label? Denim detective.
    Research skills, socio-economic-environmental impact knowledge of a familiar product.
  3. Factories: have we learnt anything?
    Historical comparison – mechanisation from 18th and 19th Century.
    Geographical comparison – UK (Birmingham artefacts) to the world.
    Social and economic impact of garment factory on workers.
  4. The issue is too big and I feel helpless!
    Well-being reflection, eco-anxiety discussion, signposting to actions already taking place.
  5. Let’s go around in circles
    Introduction to circular economy,
    Comparison to utility clothing of 1940s and valuing repairing and restyling.
  6. Fake fashion news
    Critical reading of promotional materials.
  7. How have humans changed our planet?
    How has human activity impacted the planet? What is the Anthropocene?
  8. Be part of the solution
    Personal and school action planning tool.

Where to download it

The full resource is available to download from Global Goals Centre website: Sustainable Threads Lessons.

Who has created it?

The resource has been created by the Learning and Engagement team at Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum, experts from University of Birmingham and University of the West of England.