Uncover the history and events that took place during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I in this workshop tour of perfectly preserved Blakesley Hall.

Blakesley Hall offers a great opportunity for students to visit an authentic Elizabethan timber framed building, constructed during Elizabeth’s reign in 1590 and typical of the emerging middle class.

We will use the Hall as the centrepiece for an in-depth study of the Elizabethan age. Whilst exploring the house we will cover key aspects of the KS3 and 4 History curriculum.

  • Your students will evaluate the lives of the rich and poor and learn how music, literature and opinions created a golden age.
  • Use real artefacts to understand the trade of goods from around the globe.
  • Explore the threat of Catholicism to Elizabeth’s reign and her response to other dangers to her rule, such as war with Spain and Mary Queen of Scots.

Curriculum links

Perfect for KS3 students the development of Church, state and society in Britain 1509-1745.

Supports KS4 students studying OCR GCSE History B, British Depth Study option - The Elizabethans, 1580–1603.

Booking Information

Parts of the tour will require the use of the staircase within Blakesley Hall. If your class has any access needs, please contact us in advance so that elements of the session can take place on the ground floor instead.

School visits to Blakesley Hall are available Wednesday - Friday.

Bring two classes from your school and spend a full day on site with self-led activities to use outside of your taught session.

Get in touch to book

Call us on 0121 348 8001 (Monday - Friday, 9.30am - 4.30pm) or email us