Explore Birmingham in Prehistoric times in this hands-on outdoor workshop. This session is offered as a full day trip.

Learn all about the technological changes that occurred from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age as the people of Prehistoric Britain went from being hunter-gatherers to Neolithic farmers and battling Bronze Age tribes. Get hands on with genuine Prehistoric artefacts that are between 3,000 and 11,000 years old and learn the techniques that archaeologists use to identify and understand physical evidence from the time before written records.

We will also take a short walk to Moseley Bog to see a burnt mound, where people would bathe during the Bronze Age. There, we will put our archaeological skills into practice and build an idea of what would have been in the forest 3,000 years ago.

In the afternoon, we will conduct our own archaeological experiments in the form of Prehistoric art and shelter building to get a better idea of the challenges that Prehistoric people would have faced.

This workshop is ideal for students studying KS 2 History, changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

Important Information

  • Prehistoric Birmingham is designed to be delivered outdoors, only in the case of extreme weather, will we move inside. Pupils must be aware of this and be dressed accordingly in thick socks, wellies / boots and waterproof coats, with scarves, hats and gloves in cold weather. It is advised children bring a change of socks and shoes with them.
  • A part of the day is a guided visit to Moseley Bog, which involves leaving the site and crossing roads. Please note Moseley Bog is accessed via steps. Alternative accessible activities can be arranged with prior notice.

School visits to Sarehole Mill are available Wednesday - Friday.

At Sarehole Mill we can only take one class at a time on site.

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