This guidance is to help you to keep the objects and yourselves safe at this time.

Care of Loans

The borrower who orders the loans is responsible for looking after them.

Most of them are irreplaceable and should be treated with respect. Please do not display any objects in direct sunlight or subject to actions that may harm the objects such as burial or submergence. Do not affix adhesives, labels, sellotape, blu-tack etc. to loans or loan cases.

Please keep them in a secure place, especially overnight.

If any loss or damage occurs, please inform the Museum in a Box service at once.

Do not attempt repairs.

Children can try on the replica costume, but please make sure it fits! Any damage to replica costume and artefacts will be charged to the school concerned, so that we can purchase replacements.

Object Safety

Please make sure that all food and drink is put away before handling objects and that the objects are not kept on the same table as food or drink.

Handle the objects over a clean, flat surface and make sure anyone holding the objects does so with both hands.

Finally, please check that you have all the objects before and after session.

Covid-19 Safety

To ensure the safety of our Museum in a Box service we have carefully introduced additional precautions. When preparing the box, our staff will be wearing face coverings and will have washed their hands immediately before starting the procedure. All boxes are checked and sealed by our specialist team before being sent out. On the day you receive and return your box, our courier will be following safety guidelines and social distancing procedures.

We have included the following recommendations to protect you and your students while using the Museum in a Box.

Immediately prior to handling any objects in the box:

  • All students and staff should wash their hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds and make sure they are dry.
  • After cleaning their hands all students should keep their hands together as shown in the photograph below to avoid touching their face, clothes or other surfaces.
  • Wash hands after object handling is completed for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap and water.
  • Repackage the box.

Do not use alcohol based hand sanitiser between objects as alcohol could damage the object.

Do not clean the objects as some are very old objects and require special care.


After a session, we recommend that the Museum in a Box must not be used by another set of students in a different class for 72 hours to minimise risk of any transmission.

We hope you enjoy using our Museum in Box!