We know that some people require more information to plan thier visit, so we've shared more details that might be helpful.


Visitor Centre
  • The front entrance has double doors, these open both inwards and outwards.
  • The double doors measure approximately 168cm at full width.
  • The reception desk is located in the foyer in close proximity to the front doors.
  • The desk is low level measuring approximately 91cm from the ground.
  • All exit doors to the grounds are double doors, opening inwards and outwards, measuring approximately 168cm at full width.
  • There are two entrances to our gift shop, one measuring approximately 93.5cm and the other 98cm wide.
  • We have a low level countertop next to the till point measuring approximately 89cm in height.
  • The wooden café floor is level and accessible to prams and wheelchairs.
  • The entrance measures approximately 160cm in width.
  • The tables in the café are well spaced apart, with a clear height from the floor of approximately 75cm with chairs.
  • Our café countertop measures approximately 90.5cm high.
  • Lighting in all areas is natural daylight with overhead lighting used.
  • Crockery is colour contrasted with the table where possible.
  • We can offer paper plates, cups and plastic cutlery if preferred.
  • We have 3 toilets for women and 3 toilets for men in our Visitor Centre.
  • We have one disabled toilet which is unisex. The disabled toilet is also our baby changing area.
  • The door to the disabled toilet opens outwards and measures approximately 84cm wide.
  • The support rail, toilet, sink, hand dryer, mirror and dispensers are at low level.
  • The toilet is approximately 47.5cm in height, the sink is approximately 72.5cm in height, and the dryer is approximately 98cm in height.
  • The disabled toilet has an emergency alarm.
Garden Paths

The pathways are level and are approximately 192cm wide.

Blakesley Hall
  • Entrance to Blakesley Hall museum is approximately 6560cm away from the Visitor Centre.
  • The house is entered through the front door which has a slight threshold.
  • The door is approximately 120cm wide.
  • There is a slabbed slope to one side of Blakesley Hall, or the front door can be accessed from the other side of the building where the pathway is flat.
  • The ground floor is suitable for wheelchairs and prams; it is on one level with a small ramp to the historic Kitchen.
  • There are two staircases in the house leading up to the first floor.
  • One staircase has a rope handrail and the other has a wooden handrail.
  • Owing to its age, Blakesley Hall has no lift access to the first or second floors.
  • Folders containing images and information about the upstairs rooms are available on the ground floor and there are volunteers and members of staff on hand to give information on the building.
  • We have a 360° photos of all the rooms viewable on See Inside.
  • We also have a large print guide and a braille guide available.
The Barn
  • Our barn is not open for public viewing except on some event days.
  • The Barn is approximately 8230cm from the Visitor Centre.
  • The front door to the barn measures approximately 95cm wide. The internal doors measure approximately 100cm wide.
  • There are two accessible toilets both with a toilet, sink, hand dryer, mirror and dispensers at low level.
  • The toilet doors open outwards and are approximately 99cm wide.
  • The toilets are approximately 46cm in height.
  • The sink is approximately 72cm in height and the hand dryer is approximately 105cm high from the floor.
  • Both toilets have an emergency alarm.
Additional Information
  • All of our staff receive regular training.
  • We have a set of evacuation procedures – should you require it someone will assist you with evacuation either out of the building or to a refuge.

Contact Us

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