About Makers and Machines

Our new exhibition explores the surprising long history of coding and tells the incredible stories of local people, past and present, who use coding in their work.

We look at how local weavers and knitter, mathematicians and scientists, and artists and gamers all use coding in their work. And we also explore the implications of new technology such as AI for human creativity. Can you find the three object labels that have been written by an AI chatbot rather than a human curator?

You'll also have the opportunity to see rare and important objects such as the HEC computer, one of the oldest surviving electronic computers in the world. There will be a range of digital and analogue devices on display, plus the chance to see some classic game designs, learn how punched cards worked, and design your own weaving pattern.

The exhibition is now open during Thinktank opening hours and is included the admission price.

The new exhibition space and Makers and Machines have been funded by Millennium Point Trust.

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