Take a look at our two spring activities, which are designed for families with children under 8 to play and explore together.

Spring Photo Hunt

Download the Spring Photo Hunt PDF above, or alternatively the same information can be found below

How many of these things can you find and photograph? You could explore a garden, a park or wood.

  • Colourful flowers
  • A minibeast
  • A butterfly
  • A bird
  • A tall tree
  • An interesting cloud
  • A green leaf
  • Water

How many did you find?

What was your favourite thing you spotted?

Were some harder than others to take photos of

Spring Rainmaker Craft

Download the Spring Photo Hunt PDF above, or alternatively the same information can be found below.

Materials & Equipment
  • Kitchen roll cardboard tube
  • 1 x A4 card
  • 80 cm Aluminium foil
  • Masking tape or sticky tape
  • 3 Tbsp of uncooked rice
  • Pencil & Scissors
  • Plus anything you would like to decorate your rainmaker with
  1. Place the end of your tube on the A4 card and draw around it.
  2. Put your roll of masking tape on your paper so that the circle is in the middle and draw around the outside of it.
  3. Draw and then cut 10 lines around the gap between the two circles but don’t cut the inner circle.
  4. Repeat the instruction 1 to 3 so that you have two circles one for each end of the tube.
  5. Place one of your circles on to one end of your tube. Stick down the cut out slits to the side of your tube. Use lots of tape because you don’t want any rice falling out later.
  6. Cut a 70cm length of foil and scrunch it together to make a long snake shape.
  7. Fold your snake into a zig zag. Making sure the folds are about the same width of your tube.
  8. Place your foil zig zag inside the tube.
  9. Pour 3 tbsp of rice into your tube.
  10. Stick your second circle to the open end of the tube. Make sure the rice can’t fall out!
  11. You can now decorate your rainmaker any way you want.

Ready, Steady, PLAY!

A photo of a rainmaker

Make sure the rainmaker is carefully sealed when used by young children - always supervise play.

What sounds or songs can you make with your rainmaker?

Can you find natural materials to decorate it with?