The Lunar Cycle:

The way the moon looks changes 8 times a month. We call these changes The Lunar Cycle. Half of the Moon’s surface is always lit up by the sun, but as it orbits the Earth we are able to see a different amount of this lit half, giving us the Moon phases.

How to make a Moon Phase Wheel:

Follow the instructions below to build the moon spinner and you can see the 8 different stages of the moon.

Step 1. Download the Moon Cycle Activity sheet (PDF) below and print it out.

Step 2. Cut out the two disks.

Step 3. Layer one disk on top of the other.

Step 4. Using a paper fastener carefully poke a hole through the middle of both circles.

Move the spinner to ‘New Moon’. From here you will be able to see each stage as it appears in the night sky, which phase can you see tonight?

If you look at the moon through a telescope or binoculars you will see lots of round circles. These are called craters and they come in all shapes and sizes. They also make patterns on the moon that can look like faces!