A member of the learning team standing in front a table of Christmas and science items.

Come and join us in the Thinktank theatre for a fun, science-filled show about Santa.

Your students will learn about solids, liquids, gases and chemical reactions in a fun, festive way.

Santa has a very difficult job, not only does he have to deliver presents to all the children in the world in one night, but he also must keep his elves in line, look after his reindeer and so much more!

So, this year Santa has asked us, the Thinktank experts, to help him out!

From the science behind Rudolph's glowing nose to rocket powered sleighs, this show is sure to get students and teachers alike, into a festive mood, whilst still learning some fun science facts.

(Available Monday – Friday).

Curriculum links:

Key Stage 2:

  • Chemistry, Properties and Changes of Materials
  • Chemistry, States of Matter
  • Science STEM Maths Design and Technology Engineering


DescriptionPrice (per student)
Entry into Thinktank£5 (minimum charge of £50)
Workshop or show£5.50 + VAT (plus entry fee)

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