Delve into the past of Blakesley Hall, an Elizabethan timber framed house, and discover what the daily life of a rich and a poor Tudor person at the Hall would look like.

Using our inspiring rooms at Blakesley, with a little help from some entertaining dressing up opportunities, we will discover:

  • An original timber framed house to learn how buildings like this were built and why they were so expensive.
  • How the original owner and builder of Blakesley Hall, Richard Smalbroke made his money and what the area would have looked like in 1590.
  • Various rooms within the Hall bringing to life their use in 1590. Such as the Kitchen, Great Parlor, Long Gallery, rich and poor bedrooms, and the Great Hall.
  • Experience life in 1590 by having a go with flint and steel to make a spark, performing a Tudor dance as a class in our historical Long Gallery and roleplaying a Tudor dinner service.

Curriculum links

Perfect for KS1/2 curriculum:


  • Study the lives of significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements. Some should be used to compare aspects of life in different periods [for example, Elizabeth I]
  • Local history of Birmingham and Yardley. Significant historical events, people and places in their own locality.
  • The Tudors and life during their reign.


  • Acting and performing through dressing up and performing parts of the events.

Important Information

Parts of the tour will require the use of the staircase within Blakesley Hall. If your class has any access needs, please contact us in advance so that elements of the session can take place on the ground floor instead.

School visits to Blakesley Hall are available Wednesday - Friday.

Bring two classes from your school and spend a full day on site with self-led activities to use outside of your taught session.

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