Blast off on your very own space mission!

Your pupils will build the Sun, Moon and Earth out of people to see how they move in space, they will find out about the different jobs in the space industry, discover how rockets take off, recreate the orbits of satellites and learn how they pay a big role in wildlife conservation.

(Available Monday - Friday).

This session is part of Our World from Space, a two-year national STEM programme exploring the relevance of UK space science for the future health and sustainability of our home planet, funded by UK Space Agency in partnership with Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), part of UK Research and Innovation.

About Our World from Space

The programme leverages current learning and connections from two previous ASDC programmes, Destination Space and Operation Earth, to celebrate, engage and inspire audiences with UK Earth observation science, innovation, and skills. This existing expertise is coupled with an external and robust evaluation programme to explore the impact for participants and practitioners.

From global themes down to hyper-local case studies, the programme uses awe, wonder and inspiration, alongside immediate relevance, to increase audiences’ understanding, engagement, and sense of ownership in relation to these areas. This programme specifically challenges perceptions of space science being “not for me” and will focus on the impact and relevance that space science has for daily life, as well as for the most pressing challenges our society and world face today.

22 science centres and museums across the UK will be delivering the programme from July 2023 until December 2024. This will include interactive workshops for families and community groups, awe-inspiring planetarium shows, bespoke classroom-based activities, ‘meet the scientist’ events, pop-up science shows, and STEM career days, each organisation has taken on the theme in their own unique way to engage audiences on this key matter.

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DescriptionPrice (per student)
Entry into Thinktank£5 (minimum charge of £50)
Workshop or show£5.50 + VAT (plus entry fee)

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