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The 304th Birmingham MAB Scouts were set up in 2005 as the first Muslim Scout group in Birmingham. The ethos by which they deliver their programme is Islamic, using the fundamental tenets of the Faith to achieve the goals of Scouting.

This Birmingham Stories video features members Elizabeth and Meryem, scout leader Junayna, and County Faiths and International Advisor Dr. Peter Rookes. They talk about the importance of the friendships and community network they have come from their involvement in the Scouts, and their love for the multi-culture, multi-faith nature of Birmingham.

There are more than 160 young people registered with the 304th Birmingham MAB Scouts. The majority come from inner city communities, and a high proportion come from disadvantaged backgrounds. They seek to engage young people in a safe and caring environment, develop their confidence, build friendships and help to evolve their talents and skills.


WSA Community Consultants and Merida Associates worked with Birmingham Museums Trust on the Birmingham Stories project.

WSA Community Consultants specialises in community development, meaningful participation and social inclusion. They have a strong ethical approach and values, with an emphasis on being inclusive, respectful and accessible. They focus their work on ensuring that the voice of lived experience is felt through community development, training, evaluation and research.

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