We know that some people require more information to plan their visit, so we've shared more details that might be helpful.


Car Park
  • Birmingham City Council operates a multi-storey car park located on Jennens Road.
  • Blue Badge holders can park for free and there are 20 blue badge spaces.
  • The maximum height restriction for the car park is 2.1 metres.
  • The surface of the multi-story car park is concrete, and the car park is well lit.
  • The Millennium Point building is approximately 20 meters from the multi-story car park.
  • From Level 1 and Level 2 of the multi-story car park there is step free access into Millennium Point.
  • Arrangements of parking for high-roof vehicles can be discussed by calling us on 0121 348 8000.
Main Entrance, Reception and Ticketing Area
  • Access is step free and there are no entrance doors.
  • The flooring throughout the museum is made of stone tiles and smooth, plastic coated and non-slip flooring.
  • Lighting in the main entrance is bright and is provided by spotlights.
  • There is no background music in the main entrance area but background noise from other visitors in the area is possible.
  • All staff wear blue branded Birmingham Museum Trust uniform.
  • The ticket desk is 94 cm in height.
Inside Thinktank
  • Seating is available within all 12 galleries including directly outside the main entrance and within our Science Garden.
  • Lighting levels are low in the museum and it is provided by ceiling spot lights.
  • The floor surface of the museum is smooth, plastic coated and non-slip. In some places there are carpet tiles.
  • The surface of the science garden can be slippery when wet.
  • Videos in the museum are subtitled.
  • We Made It gallery - Braille has been incorporated where possible next to tactile elements on display.
  • Power Up gallery - At regular intervals a large crashing sound can be heard within this gallery as a large volume of water falls from one of the exhibits.
  • The planetarium is equipped with an analogue induction loop and has spaces for up to 6 wheelchair users.
  • Subtitled planetarium shows take place on a Friday afternoon and the first show on a Saturday and Sunday morning.
  • A British Sign Language interpreted show is available on request.
  • Tactile books have been created to be used within selected Planetarium shows.
  • The building has accessible lifts to every floor.
  • The lift doors are 109cm in width and 210cm height.
  • The lift is 160cm deep.
  • The lift has see-through scenic glass panels to the front and rear.
  • The lift has audio announcements.
  • The stairs have open steps.
  • There are 8 steps per flight of stairs.
  • There are 3 flights of stairs per floor.
  • There are 3 floors in the building.
  • There are handrails on both sides of the stairs.
  • The flooring of the steps is textured, plastic coated and non-slip.

There are accessible toilets on all floors in the museum. We also have baby changing and adult changing facilities. We also have separate male and female toilets on every floor.

Accessible Toilet and Adult Changing Facility

  • Located on level 0.
  • The width of the door can fit a wheelchair up to 32 inches/81cm wide max.
  • There is clear space for wheelchairs.
  • Left hand transfer onto WC.
  • Height of WC from floor to seat is 18 inches/ 46 cm. There are also grab rails.
  • There are emergency pulls in all the accessible toilets.
  • We use a red light + tannoy system in the event of going into evacuation.
  • Fluorescent lighting is used.
  • Non-slip laminate flooring.
  • Lever taps are in the accessible toilets and sensor taps in all public toilets.
  • The floor surface is tiled.

Accessible Toilets and Child Changing Facility in MiniBrum

  • Located on level 3 within MiniBrum gallery.
  • The width of the door is 35 inches / 90cm.
  • The height from the WC to the floor is 7 inches / 18.5cm.
  • There are level taps on the sinks.
  • Non-slip laminate flooring.
Café and Lunch Area
  • There is level access to the Signal Box Café, Coffee Corner and Lunch Area.
  • The café has options to cater for dietary needs.
  • A large print menu is available on request in the café.
  • High chairs are available.
  • Smaller portions can be arranged on request.
  • It is a self-service café, with assistance available on request.
  • Crockery is white, tables are brown wood with brightly coloured chairs.
  • The floor surface is a combination of smooth, plastic coated and non-slip flooring.
  • Height under tables in cafe area is 75 cm.
  • Height under the tables in the coffee corner is 72cm.
  • There are ceiling spot lights in the lunch area, it can be slightly dark in the main cafe area; it is brighter in the lunch area.
  • There are no doors and it is very open plan.
  • The area is step free.
  • Counter is 94 cm high.
  • Displays and tables are at various heights and are well spaced out.
  • Assistance is available at all times.
  • There is no background music.
  • The floor surface is a combination of smooth, plastic coated and non-slip flooring.
  • Lighting is bright and is provided by spotlights.
Visitors Affected by Photosensitive Epilepsy

People affected are sensitive to flash rates around 16-25 Hz but some seizures may be triggered at rates as low as 3Hz and up to 60Hz. This is sometimes known as flicker sensitive epilepsy. Some of our displays fall within this range.

The areas you may need to take extra care or avoid are:

  • Medicine Matters gallery (level 2)
  • Things About Me gallery (level 2)
  • Rapidly rotating flywheel on the high-speed Hovis engine when seen against a bright e.g. sunlit background and should be avoided: try another viewpoint (level 0)


There are 2 types of planetarium show:

  • Automated which operate at 30hz
  • All other shows which operate at 60hz by projection onto a screen

All content is quite slow moving and flash free except Roller Coaster on Triton.

Some visitors can suffer from a form of travel sickness owing to the movement of the visuals, but the planetarium should not trigger epilepsy.

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