Our Organisation

Birmingham Museums Trust is a registered charity. It is responsible for governing and managing the museum sites and collections owned by Birmingham City Council.

Charitable Objectives

To advance education by the operation, maintenance, development and promotion of museums, galleries and libraries in Birmingham, together with associated facilities and related programmes of outreach and research, fostering knowledge, understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the arts, history, science and technology by residents and visitors to the city of Birmingham.


To reflect Birmingham to the world, and the world to Birmingham.

Core purpose

To showcase our outstanding collections and venues to inspire learning, creativity and enjoyment for people of Birmingham and visitors to the region.

Guiding Principles

  • Inclusivity
    Birmingham Museums Trust is for everyone
  • Excellence
    We strive to be leaders and innovators, offering great experiences to our customers
  • Working Together
    We work in partnership and support each other to achieve more for our audiences
  • Trust
    Birmingham Museums Trust can be trusted to deliver on our promises and plans
  • Sustainable
    We are entrepreneurial and put sustainability at the core of our practices


  1. Leading in excellence 
  2. Developing the collection and venues 
  3. Growing and diversifying audiences 
  4. Building a sustainable business
  5. Investing in people