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  1. A microscopic view of an organisms that is brown and translucent.

    Microscopic water life at Sarehole Mill

    18 June 2024
  2. Whitworth Wallis Fellowship: Taking The Collection Into The Digital

    23 April 2024
  3. A black and yellow insect with its wings open on a green leaf.

    Living Jewels at Weoley Castle

    4 April 2024
  4. A side view of golden coloured moth.

    Why are moths attracted to light?

    26 February 2024
  5. Black and white photo of a lady (Steve Shirley) sitting working with computer machinery to the side and behind.

    A Programming Pioneer

    9 February 2024
  6. A pen drawing with black and brown ink over of pencil. It depicts two figures, one is lying with eyes closed with a harp is his lap. The other figure is behind and is playing the harp.

    Queering the Birmingham Collections

    14 December 2023
  7. Design on paper for a stained-glass window with two panels and a small trefoil above. The left panel shows Christ as a child he is teaching a group of people, with Mary and Joseph in the background. The right panel shows the adult Christ blessing a group of young children. There are angels at the top and bottom of each panel and in the trefoil.

    Stained Glass Designs by John Hardman & Co.

    22 November 2023
  8. Beetle on a yellow and white flower.

    Urban Nature Day at Blakesley Hall

    3 July 2023
  9. Circular shaped golden coloured vessel with a dip in the middle that makes a small recess.

    New Acquisition: In Motion Whispering Vessel by Adi Toch

    29 May 2023
  10. Wilkinson Tracing, Design for the armoury at Abbotsford, 1820.

    The Wilkinson Tracings

    30 March 2023
  11. Screenshot of video presentation featuring the Night and her Train of Stars by Edward Robert Hughes

    Online Lecture: William Holman Hunt and his Pre-Raphaelite ‘son in art’ Edward Robert Hughes

    17 March 2023
  12. Painting of a Nativity scene, three kings and an angel visit the infant Christ to bring gifts

    Secrets revealed from beneath the glass: Edward Burne-Jones' The Star of Bethlehem

    14 April 2022