We know that some people require more information to plan their visit, so we've shared more details that might be helpful.


Car Parking and Arrival
  • From the street to the main entrance, there is level access. The path is 3150mm wide, or more.??
  • There is parking on site and 1 clearly marked Blue Badge parking space, which are 90m/100yds from the main entrance.????
  • The onsite car park surface is tarmac. There is no lighting in this area.
  • If arriving by tax you can be dropped off at the main entrance.
Main Entrance, Reception and Ticketing Area
  • The main entrance and ticket area are situated on the ground floor of the Visitor Centre with a ramp leading up to the main door, level access, throughout.
  • The main entrance door door is 880mm wide and is side hung and manual.
  • The area is evenly and well lit with spot lights.
Soho House
  • Interpretation boards are all in large text, and have pictorial representation where applicable. All are at a maximum top height of 173cm.
  • There are articles held in glass cabinets (most are upright). Some of these are vertical and may not be visible if the eye line is below 115cm.
  • There is a returnable laminated leaflet available which gives detail of the information and displays in the museum.
  • Individual chairs are located at various points around the rooms.
  • Lighting in the galleries is generally good, but in areas lighting is low due to the nature of the collections and the fabric of the house; these areas are more dimly lit to aid preservation of the exhibits.
  • Glass doors and full-height windows have contrast markings.
  • The walls and the doors have high colour contrast.
  • Some parts of the venue have low lighting.
  • We have information in braille.
Public Toilets
  • Public toilets are located on the ground floor in the Visitor Centre with level access from the main entrance.
  • These toilets have a unisex accessible toilet, locked with a RADAR key available from the welcome desk and are described below:
  • A light, easy open door 910mm/36ins wide.
  • The toilet height is 450mm/18ins.
  • There is a vertical rail on one side of the toilet and either side of the basin.
  • There is a horizontal rail on the side wall adjacent to the toilet.
  • Toilet and wash basins are white.
  • There is a flashing light when the fire alarm sounds.
  • There is an emergency alarm pull cord.
  • The toilets are well lit with fluorescent tube overhead lighting with a low level light switch.
  • There are lever taps on the sinks.
Grounds and Gardens
  • There is a small garden with a gravel path.
  • There is a small picnic area on a level lawn.
  • There are outdoor wooden tables and chairs.
  • Main pathways are 1473mm/158ins wide.
  • There are wooden benches at intervals around the garden.
Additional Information
  • All of our staff receive regular training.
  • We have a set of evacuation procedures – should you require it someone will assist you with evacuation either out of the building or to a refuge. We have a safe lift in our private corporate hire area.
  • A bowl of water is available at the main entrance/exit for assistance dogs.
  • Clear signage is used throughout.

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