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  1. Three young women stand in the gallery, smiling as they look around them.

    We are Birmingham

    23 October 2022
  2. A small group of people are tending flowers in a park.

    Our Green City: Birmingham Open Spaces Forum

    18 October 2022
  3. Multicoloured fireworks light the night sky in the stadium packed with people.

    Commonwealth Game Legacy

    28 September 2022
  4. Jex Collins posing for the camera in the exhibition dedicated to the Que club.

    Birmingham the music city: An interview with Jez Collins.

    21 September 2022
  5. Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran . He's holding a mic, and looks to the right of the camera. It's a close portrait. He's got blonde spiky hair and a red headband

    Photographing the Birmingham Music Scene

    22 August 2022
  6. The bronze statue of the archangel Lucifer. The male statue is naked. Lucifer has a feminine face and long hair. He has large wings that point upwards. His hands are outstretched and the palms of his hands are facing down.

    Lucifer at home in Birmingham

    21 August 2022
  7. Ozzy Osbourne standing in front of a Midland Metro tram. His name is written in black and white on the side of the tram.

    The day Ozzy came to town

    21 August 2022
  8. Volunteering for Veterans

    5 January 2022
  9. Guest post by Nilupa Yasmin, Artist and Educator

    27 December 2021
  10. A buddhist monk dressed in red is standing in front of a Buddhist shrine. His hands are closed together in prayer.

    Faith in Lockdown

    15 November 2021
  11. A chack drawing if a heard in rainbow colours, with a rainbow drawn above it and the words NHS.

    Life on Lockdown

    16 June 2021
  12. Sarah Maple: The Past is Now

    23 November 2020