Award-winning science museum for fun-packed family days out.

The gallery tells the story of the Spitfire, from its innovative design and cutting-edge technology that played a key role in the Second World War, to its lasting legacy on the city of Birmingham.

Located on Level 1.


Discover the Thinktank Ichthyosaur, a giant sea monster from the time of the dinosaurs that is being displayed in full for the first time. Explore the other animals from the past and present that have adapted to life in the sea, including walrus, penguins and prehistoric marine crocodiles.

Located on Level 2.


Science & Industry

Our Science & Industry Collection is made up of over 40,000 items covering transport, engineering, machine tools and production machines, scientific and medical instruments, music boxes, player pianos and organs, horology, computing and mechanical devices spanning over 250 years of technological development.

Natural Sciences

Our Natural Science collection consists of about 250,000 specimens, covering zoology, botany, entomology, geology, mineralogy and palaeontology, the largest natural science collection in the West Midlands. It is an important regional resource.


Thinktank Planetarium offers a wide range of shows about astronomy and space, including tours around the night sky, adventures around the solar system, and journeying to the edge of the universe. Planetarium shows are £1.50 per person per show in addition to admission price.

Located on Level 3.

Outdoor Fun for Kids

The Science Garden will be closed from Monday 7th January until Friday 15th February inclusive. An annual closure period enables us to complete scheduled maintenance during the coldest time of the year reducing the need for closures throughout the Spring, Summer and Autumn months.

The Science Garden is an outdoor discovery space packed with surprises and fun activities for the whole family. It offers an adventurous and entertaining day out, bringing themes of engineering, mechanics and transportation to life through over 30 hands-on exhibits.

Located on Level 0.

Industrial Heritage

Unlock the fascinating industrial heritage of Birmingham. Power Up - experience the mighty steam machines that powered the Industrial revolution.  Move It - see some of the remarkable vehicles that kept people moving in Birmingham and beyond.

Located on Level 0.

Fun for Kids

Uncover the science all around us: in the city, in the wild and even in our own bodies! Kids’ City is a mini city where all the family can play and learn together. In The Street we reveal the science behind everyday life and test out smart ways to recycle rubbish. Explore the diversity of life in the Wild Life gallery, and unearth some sensational creatures including a Giant Deer and a Jurassic Crocodile. 

Located on Level 2.


Explore the outer reaches of space, get to grips with innovative inventions and marvel at how medical advancements are saving lives. Head to Talking Point to consider scientists’ predictions for the future – and have your say!

Located on Level 3.

Also featuring


Our real skull of a Triceratops was discovered in the USA in 1908. Triceratops was a plant eating dinosaur and its name means 'three-horned face'. The skull is a fossil, which means that the bones have now been replaced by rock - a process which takes millions of years.

Smethwick Engine

The oldest working steam engine in the world, dating from 1779, was the first engine to use both the force of steam and a vacuum at the same time - a design which was more powerful and required less coal to run. The engine was used to pump water to the top of a series of canal locks in Smethwick near Birmingham.

Free Kids' Park

Kids’ Park is a vibrant and intriguing outdoor play area specifically designed to encourage children under 7 and their families to explore science whilst having fun playing outdoors. The play area features science interactive exhibits and is adjacent to the Science Garden directly outside Thinktank.


Investigate the science behind manufacturing with the lively interactive exhibits in We Made it: nuts, bolts, gadgets and gizmos. Learn how and why Birmingham became the ‘Workshop of the World’.

Located on Level 1.

What an absolutely delightful place! Fascinating for the kids as they play and interact while learning a bit of science too!
Reviewer, Trip Advisor
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